How to Support a Church-wide Short Term Mission

As a church, you may decide to support one (or more) particular Ten Days Mission experiences. Once a trip is chosen, here are a few simple steps to ensure your process runs smoothly. These are only suggestions and each local church is free to determine the plan that works best for their culture and needs.

  1. Create a marketing schedule including outlets such as announcements during service, social media posts (let us know if you need help with graphics), small group announcements, flyers, etc.

  2. Determine if you would like to assign a local facilitator/leader for the trainings to be done in person as a group or individually. If you choose to facilitate group trainings, plan the training schedule for the 10 topics to be covered pre-mission. 

    1. Each team member will be supported by the Ten Days assigned trip leadership team and invited to whole team prayer calls weekly. If you decide you can not schedule in person trainings, the team members will train on their own and call into the team prayer calls weekly for follow up.

    2. If a full training curriculum is not possible, consider creating moments for the team to interact with 2-3 meetings or hangouts prior to the trip.

  3. Choose a date and time for an interest meeting. An interest meeting may include handing out more information, answering questions and showing videos from past trips to this location for a clear visual of the experience.

    1. Ten Days has resources available to prepare your local leader with the information he or she needs for a successful interest meeting including graphics, videos and answers to the questions that may be asked. A Ten Days team member may also be on call or Skype into the meeting to be available for questions the local leader may not be able to answer.

  4. Build your team! You may allow participants to sign up directly at the Ten Days website, or meet with each interested participant for a quick interview to ensure they will be a good fit. Each applicant is required to offer a pastoral reference and will be vetted by the Ten Days Administrative lead before being accepted officially to the team as well.

  5. Start the training! At this point, you will begin the training either in person or individually for the 10 weeks prior to the mission trip.