Creating a missions ministry

A ministry of people who loves missions may help your church become a better sending and receiving church. This ministry will give intentional care to your short term missionaries and ensure each team member feels the support of their local church under the leadership of a staff member. A Missions Ministry is a great place for people feeling called to the mission field to serve, learn and prepare for a potential future on a short- or long-term mission field. This ministry can serve in many capacities:

  1. Administrative - The ministry may help keep track of departing and returning trips to ensure all the steps for sending and receiving your mission team are met.

  2. Recruitment - Ministry members will join the team due to their passion for missions. People like this are the best way to recruit for missions! This team may personally invite their spheres of influence to join the mission team(s).

  3. Creative - Members of this team may have giftings in graphic design, hospitality and event planning to assist with Share Night, marketing, care packages, social media updates, etc.

  4. Assessment and Mentorship - Team members may be trained in assessing potential missionaries on their preparedness for the mission field and mentor future and current short term missionaries.

    • Mentoring gives future missionaries the valuable opportunity to learn from someone more experienced in ministry. This does not have to be a series of formal meetings. The simple agenda is to find out what God is doing in the church member’s life and for more experienced believers to share what God has taught them along the way.

  5. Assist in the Missionary Process