What to expect from ten days

Our team at Ten Days is happy to help you have a successful send off for your missionaries! We are willing to support you and your team as you see fit, based on the suggestions below.

  1. Reminders - We will send your point person or team date reminders for announcements, commissioning and dates of departure for your missionaries and/or church-wide mission trips.

  2. Ideas - We are happy to send your team creative ideas for commissioning services, handouts/flyers, receptions, care packages, etc.

  3. Checklist - A checklist is handy for remembering everything that can happen for each mission trip. For example:

    • Pack care packages for team

    • Choose gifts for local hosts

    • Schedule call from Pastor/Staff

  4. Support - Anything else you need to set your team up for success, we are here to help! Give us a call or email anytime and we’ll be excited to offer our assistance.