Ten Days Mission Experiences is the short-term missions program of Every Nation Ministries, a Christian organization dedicated to church planting, campus ministry, and world missions. Named after the average length of these short-term mission trips, Ten Days was created to help foster a culture of missions within people and within local churches. We believe that when people experience travel and service to the people of another nation, the experience itself is as powerful and permanent as the trip's actual accomplishments. We believe ten days can change your life, your church, and the world.


Which trips will be awarded scholarships?. . .

Due to a lower budget for 2017, we are only able to offer scholarship for certain trips in 2017. The list of available scholarships are listed below. Ten Days trips based out of Asia are not part of the scholarship program. Please see the Trip Page for a list of our upcoming 2017 trips. Application deadlines are one month prior to trip depature date.

List of available scholarships per trip:

  • Portland, Oregon: $200
  • Monterrey, Mexico: $200
  • Johannesburg, South Africa: $250
  • Havana, Cuba : $200
  • Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic: $200
  • Baja, Mexico (June 19-25): $500 (2)
  • Christchurch, New Zealand: $250
  • Baja, Mexico (Youth Retreat): $500 (2)
  • Ibague, Colombia: $200
  • Bangkok, Thailand: $200
  • Krakow, Poland: TBD
  • Lviv, Ukraine: TBD

Who is eligible for a scholarship?. . .

For the 2017 season, the scholarships will be made available only to students who have not attended a Ten Days trip in the past. The goal is to assist college students, but younger students may also apply.

How much will my scholarship be?. . .

A list of scholarship amounts can be found above. Fundraising is meant to be a part of the Ten Days experience so that you can invite others to join in the mission with you. Therefore, the scholarship is meant to be an assistance, but it is not meant to pay for the entire trip.

What do I need to do?. . .

Please fill in all fields below to be considered as a recipient. Incomplete forms will not be eligible.

Scholarship recipients are expected to provide to Ten Days:

  1. Before scholarship money will be transferred to your account Ten Days expects a hand-written thank you note addressed to one of Ten Days' ministry partners. Our financial partners make the scholarships possible for team members. Therefore, in 2017, we are asking that each recipient write a thank to one of our partners. These notes should mailed to the Every Nation office.
  2. Before scholarship money will be transferred to your account Ten Days expects a written explanation of your hopes and expectations for the trip.
  3. No later thant 2 weeks after returning home: 25 high-quality photos from the experience (meaning, the photos are at least 1MB each or larger)
  4. No later than 1 week after returning home: a personal testimony in writing with an accompanying picture of the team member to be used in Ten Days communications.

When is the 2017 deadline?. . .

The application deadline is one month prior to the trip departure date:

  • Portland, Oregon: March 1st
  • Monterrey, Mexico: February 13th
  • Johannesburg, South Africa: February 3rd
  • Havana, Cuba : February 20th
  • Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic: February 11th
  • Baja, Mexico (June 19-25): May 19th
  • Christchurch, New Zealand: June 25th
  • Baja, Mexico (Youth Retreat): May 19th
  • Ibague, Colombia: April 15th
  • Bangkok, Thailand: July 7th
  • Krakow, Poland: TBD
  • Lviv, Ukraine: TBD

How will I know if I won?. . .

Scholarship recipients will be notified via email once the committee votes. Recipients will be finalized at least 1 month prior to departure of the trip.