Missionary Process

The Missions Ministry team may help prepare those in the church who feel a call to missions. Potential missionaries should begin with a short-term mission trip and discipleship/mentorship with a member of the Missions Ministry. The Biblical process for joining the mission field is as follows and may be used as an example in discipleship between Missions Ministry Mentor and future missionary:

  1. Discuss spiritual gifts. (Acts 13:1) - Identify their spiritual gifts and determine how these gifts may be used in the local church in preparation for short-term missions and potentially long-term missions.

  2. Build an authentic relationship. (Acts 13:1) - Strive to build an authentic relationship in which you are honest and transparent. Allow these conversations to be the catalyst for spiritual development and maturity to take place in the future missionary.

  3. Get involved and invest in ministry. (Acts 13:2a) - Help the missionary invest in their church, and get involved in cross-cultural ministry. Help them to use their gifts, and build relationships with others as they serve. Serving locally will provide the future missionary with an invaluable training ground for their overseas ministry.

  4. Receive confirmation of calling. (Acts 13:2b) - After building a relationship with the future missionary, pray with and for him or her in order to receive corporate confirmation of God’s missionary calling.

  5. Be sent from the church. (Acts 13:3) - Once confirmed, commission and send the missionary. This step assures support.