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praying for your missionairies

Prayer is the church’s fuel for missions (Acts 2:42-47), (Acts 4:23-32), (Acts 13:1-3). Prayer moves in power; the command to pray becomes both a powerful weapon and a warm invitation. Your missionaries will be blessed and comforted knowing their sending church is standing with them in prayer.

  1. Ensure that your prayer team has the dates of travel and a few prayer points to cover your team in prayer while they are traveling. If you have a point person for the prayer team, the Ten Days leadership is happy to send updates throughout the week and additional prayer requests.

    • You may also consider posting prayer points and updates on the church social media to include the church in the process and inspire them to GO!

    • The prayer team may choose to come up with a schedule, committing one person or a small group of people praying each day, or assign particular missionaries to a prayer team member.