How to receive your missionary

Your missionaries have just experience a life altering, eternity changing, adrenalin pumping mission experience and they are returning to...normal life. This is a very difficult reality for many short term missionaries. Many will experience reentry shock, spiritual warfare or an ugly crash from their “mountain top” experience. This potentially difficult transition is a simultaneously powerful and impactful moment to capture the momentum and redirect it into fuel to serve the local church and community.

We have a unique opportunity to help guide the missionary into opportunities to outlet this new passion they found on the mission field. There are several things you can have in place to support your short term missionary:

  1. Schedule calls or meetings for your returning missionaries to help them process through their emotions and discuss activation plans for serving locally. (Materials, surveys and planned processes for activating a returning missionary are available from your Ten Days team.)

  2. Host a Share Night or similar event, giving the team an opportunity to share their stories, photos and even a team video! This moment will honor God in His work on this mission, give the team an opportunity to tell their stories and encourage others to GO!

  3. Pray for your returning mission team. Recruit someone or a small group to commit to praying for your mission team for a set period of time after they return home.