How to Support a Church-wide Short Term Mission

As a church, you may decide to support one (or more) particular Ten Days Mission experiences. Once a trip is chosen, here are a few simple steps to ensure your process runs smoothly. These are only suggestions and each local church is free to determine the plan that works best for their culture and needs.


How to Send your Short term missionary

Commission your team the Sunday prior to the team’s departure. A commissioning service is an important time for both a missionary and his or her sending church. Not only does it reaffirm their commitments to each other, it provides a time to rejoice and give thanks together before the missionary leaves for the field. Commissioning services can be held as part of a regular church service or as a stand-alone event.


Our team at Ten Days is happy to help you have a successful send off for your missionaries! We are willing to support you and your team as you see fit, based on the suggestions below.


How to Pray for your Short term Missionary

Prayer is the church’s fuel for missions. Prayer moves in power; the command to pray becomes both a powerful weapon and a warm invitation. Your missionaries will be blessed and comforted knowing their sending church is standing with them in prayer.


How to Receive your Missionary

Your missionaries have just experience a life altering, eternity changing, adrenalin pumping mission experience and they are returning to...normal life. This is a very difficult reality for many short term missionaries.

Creating a Missions Ministry

A ministry of people who loves missions may help your church become a better sending and receiving church. This ministry will give intentional care to your short term missionaries and ensure each team member feels the support of their local church under the leadership of a staff member.


Missonary process

The Missions Ministry team may help prepare those in the church who feel a call to missions. Potential missionaries should begin with a short-term mission trip and discipleship/mentorship with a member of the Missions Ministry. The Biblical process for joining the mission field is as follows and may be used as an example in discipleship between Missions Ministry Mentor and future missionary: