The goal of Ten Days is to create a universal culture of missions in Every Nation Ministries. The full missions experience begins in the training process.

Each team will meet together to go through the carefully written Training Manual developed by Ten Days. Every chapter is designed to help you learn, grow, and be prepared for the journey before you. Short video sessions coincide with each chapter of the training guide and are both in dvd form and hosted online for those who've applied. Even if you are remote and can not attend the sessions with your team, you can walk through the trainings in your own home and be up to date with the rest of your team. 

We believe that the training process is an important part of being prepared to serve others in the field and get the most out of your Ten Days experience.


Once you have been approved for your Ten Days trip, you will be provided with a password to begin watching training videos to better equip you for your experience. If you have already registered and not received a password, let us know.

If you are participating in a Ten Days trip, you can download and print the flyer associated with your trip. Follow this link and download the correct flyer. You can include it with your fundraising letter and share it with others who may want to come on your trip or give to it.